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Style isn't transferable

Reviewing web site content for a dental client at the moment – unusual because of the sheer volume of information that the Principal wants to include on every page. I’ve learned a lot about dentistry in the process. This client should run his own lecture series and write books. The questions he keeps asking me – “are we OK with this – am I going too far, will I drive people away?” Let’s face it – consultants like me have been arguing for brevity in the explanation of things clinical – and asking for dental web sites that captivate, connect and capture by engaging the visitor with movie trailers and classy graphics. So why am I proof reading extensive paragraphs of knowledge? Is there a market for this? Style isn’t transferable. Me reading the Billy Connolly joke book will not be funny. Il Diva singing Arctic Monkeys will not be great. The fact is that every style has an audience – the secret is not to try and change your style but to make sure that your marketing reaches an audience who appreciate and search for it. Many years ago I worked with a dentist who used to introduce himself at networking events by saying, “I’m the slowest, most expensive dentist in Birmingham. Would you like to come and see me?” He got results – there is a demand for slow and expensive. There will be a demand for a knowledgeable and supremely ethical dentist who loves to educate his patients. Verbosity has its fans. The secret is to make your style your USP.

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