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Strategy vs tactics

I’m telling you because I’m wondering of you are feeling this way too? Here’s how I’m feeling this week: I’m pretty stressed at the moment. Short-term stressed. Because I just have “too much to do”. Long-term I’m not stressed at all. Because I have a three-year vision and a 12-month plan. I have some amazing projects to work on. Projects that are going to place my clients ahead of the game. I also have some fairly good 90-day goals. But what’s giving me “the sweats” on a Sunday night is the answer to this question: “how the hell am I going to get all these THINGS done by Friday?” I’m doing THINGS right. But I’m not doing the right THINGS. Therefore – crushing logic dictates the solution. Which is? I need more help in Team CB. People whose unique ability would be doing those THINGS. Leaving me to spend more time on my STRATEGY and less time on my TACTICS. Because focusing on the former and delegating the latter is what separates the income rich from the asset rich. I’m of an age where being asset rich is becoming more attractive. So I need to replace my bad habits with some better habits. Are you with me on this? Are you long term confident and short term stressed?

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