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Still truckin'

Watford last night – over 500 people. Leeds tonight. I let the train take the strain yesterday afternoon and this morning – over £200 for a first-class ticket and worth every penny on Virgin Trains new rolling stock. A comfortable and quiet first-class cabin, power supply for my laptop and complimentary food and drink delivered with good customer service. Over 4 hours of productive work completed, including a brand new Power Point presentation. The alternative would have been 5 lost hours, driving my car along Britain’s congested roads. The presentation was for Friday (that’s how I like to prepare), when I am speaking to 430 practice owners at the Spring Conference of the British Orthodontic Society in Westminster, London. I’ll be taking the very same train again! My subject will be “Profitable and Contented – an impossible dream?” and I’ll be discussing the 8 key strategies of my Dental Business School as they apply to this specialised branch of the profession. Off to change into my “man in black” gear now and a short drive across the Pennines to Elland Road Football Ground – home of the once-mighty Leeds United Football Club.

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