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Stick or Twist? A free webinar on the ups and downs of selling your practice - next Monday evening

Please join me, Abi Greenhough, Marcus Spry, Phil Bowler and Debbie Sandman at 19:00 on 3rd July for what will be an vibrant and informed discussion on ‘Selling Your Dental Practice. Stick or Twist’? This will be relevant to prospective buyers and sellers. Broadly speaking this it what we will be covering:

Chris Barrow– Where does exiting the business sit in the strategic pathway for your clients? How has this changed in the last 5 years? No one can go on forever. How does buying an existing practice compare to setting up a squat?

Abi Greenhough– Everyday is the best day for someone to sell their practice. Most exits are driven by a want and need. Is the exit value the most important consideration for vendors? Discussions with principals selling warm squats. Getting funding for squats and the risks associated with a failed squat.

Marcus Spry– What was his motivation for selling? Was it part of a medium to long term plan or was it accelerated because of a life event? How did Marcus feel after he exited the business? Did it deliver the benefits he wanted? Does he wish he had stayed on longer?

Phil Bowler (Host) & Debbie Sandman. The benefits of investing a lump sum before you actually need to draw your pension. Risk of not crystallizing your asset (practice sale) when you actually want to stop working.

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