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Staring you in the face

  1. That you wages bill is going to increase by more than 33% this year - for the same team. To put it another way - that robust wages KPI of 17.50% is history - and it's time to start budgeting on around 25%;

  2. That you will have to increase your prices by the same margin - 33% - during 2022, to maintain your profit margin - not just because of increases in wages (that only accounts for about 12% of increased costs) but because all of your variable and fixed costs are increasing as well;

  3. That if you are not absolutely ALL OVER these numbers this year, you are in for a nasty surprise come the year end, if not sooner;

  4. I'm so glad my Quarter 2 client workshops (beginning in Belfast on 29th April) are totally focused on 2 days of financial analysis for both managers and owners;

  5. Equally, that I'm presenting a series of Practice Plan regional workshops on the same subject over the coming months HERE

  6. It's not too late to join us in The Extreme Business 100 - we currently have vacancies for 3 additional clients.

Just visit the link and register or email me at for a free Zoom consultation - no charge, no obligation.

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