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Speechless with admiration

That’s speechless admiration for every house-wife and house-husband.

The last three days I have been based at home in Falmouth whilst Annie has been working – and so the place has been mine.

I first of all acknowledge that there haven’t been any children in sight (apart from the students who live above us) – I can only imagine……

The fact is – that I live in a man’s world – and also the world of the sole trader who travels extensively on business.

A world in which I can decide to:

  1. start and finish every task – one at a time and

  2. choose not to be interrupted

In fact I had planned for these three days to be a kind of self-indulgent “buffer” time – to think and plan.

What a wake up call this week has been.

Constant multi-tasking:

  1. bed making

  2. dishwasher replenishment

  3. emails

  4. food shopping

  5. phone calls with clients

  6. snail mail

  7. cleaning

  8. laundry

  9. broken down appliances

  10. emergency launderette trips

  11. Christmas shopping

  12. personal and professional planning

  13. calendar maintenance

  14. expenses forms

  15. cooking

  16. clearing up

  17. phone calls with Team CB

  18. taxi rides (including a 10-mile drive last night that took two hours)

And to make matters worse – constant interruptions!

Not “my schedule” but “everyone else’s schedule”.

For once I know what its like to run a household – and it makes what I do for a living seem very simple.

Cheers to the home-makers all over the globe.

I can’t take much more of this – actually hit the sherry last night!

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