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Somewhat better

Well I wasn’t inundated with emails and calls all day – which means that either nobody is reading this or you are just getting used to my occasional wailing, gnashing of teeth and renting of garments. What’s a boy to do when his cry for help goes unnoticed? The day has steadily improved My attitude to the day has steadily improved – helped by two clients agreeing with enthusiasm to join our new Breathe Business Club (that makes 4 in 2 days) – little did they know how much their confidence in me has lifted my spirits – an example of the client coaching the coach – thanks guys. I did get out for a run around Pendennis Point and allowed the sea breeze to clear some of the cobwebs whilst the late morning sun revived me. I considered my blessings as I ran – and also mentally reviewed the fantastic job that our support team are doing around the new business launch, the wonderful branding and sales copy and the marvellous response we have had from clients this week. After a burst of lunchtime energy I had to take some time out this afternoon to visit my own super dentist, Carrie Bradburn, and ask her to refit a loose retainer and a temporary crown that fell out in the middle of Gatwick airport on Friday night. Just the kind of event that helps to develop one’s sense of mortality – rushing to my departure gate and trying to look important as the said “temporary” is stuffed in my coat pocket and I start gurning at the stewardess. Musn’t grumble, as Tel would say. Anyways – it’s just after 5.00pm now in Falmouth – getting dark outside – and my creative juices are about as flowing as Tutankhamen’s sweat glands (does that boy need facial aesthetics or what?). Back to fight another day tomorrow – I’m going to pour a glass of wine, nibble some poppy-seed crackers with humous and watch a movie. Goodnight.

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