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Smile simulation - an open door to business growth and patient referrals

We have been privileged to hear from Marcos White at our Q3 workshops, lifting the bonnet on his practice engine and showing our audiences just how digital workflow transforms both the patient and team experience.

One of the simplest and yet profound ideas Marcos has shared is the use of the smartphone app AirBrush to create instant smile simulations.

Marcos tells the story of a patient who arrived for a simple first consult, was shown an AirBrush smile simulation within minutes, and responded with the magical phrase:

"How much does it cost and when can I start?"

Yes, of course, proper diagnosis, treatment plan, suitability and affordability analysis and delivery must all follow.

We know that many manufacturers and suppliers are experimenting with AI to make smile simulation even more accessible and clever over the months ahead. There will be an abundance of applications coming down the tracks.

The sooner you embrace this in to your patient experience, the better.

A new mantra:

"Scan every patient, every visit - simulate every patient's smile whenever the opportunity arises."

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