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Running Scotland 2021

A huge shout out for our intrepid dental runners who yesterday began their epic journey from John O'Groats to Gretna Green.

  • Stuart Campbell, Derek Marner, Ryan Stewart and Paddy Watson;

  • 11 consecutive days of running distances that most of us cannot imagine;

  • 715 km across some very challenging terrain (and in all weathers);

"So why are we doing this? The effects of COVID-19 have, as we all know, made life very tough for many in the past few years, and sadly we understand that mental health charities have been busier than ever.

As dentists living in Scotland, we wanted to raise awareness and money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health Charity (SAMH) to help support the great work that they do. But we also want to promote the positive effects that running and the great outdoors can have on not just physical health, but also mental health."

How can you help?

Follow and encourage them on

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