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Roll up, roll up - bad news available!

Today's favourite word of the day is.......


....that's how the media are describing the weather.

Actually, it snowed a bit.

In continental Europe, it wouldn't make the news.

Here, we have an apocalypse.

A quick scan of The Guardian online this morning.

  • a decade of neglect

  • Minister's belligerence

  • political footballs

  • sexual harassment

  • I'm so cold I live in my bed

  • they were happy to lie to protect my brother

  • strikes, strikes, strikes

  • major disruption

  • dog bites on the rise đŸ¶

Just a quick reminder to avoid the media - they operate on the basis that bad news and celebrity nosey-ness sells - that seeing Elon Musk booed off the stage in San Francisco, Harry & Meg using a Netflix mini-series to complain about their lack of privacy and Sam Bankman-Fried being busted for squandering the funds of greedy speculators - is going to sell advertising.

Bad news travels further, faster, than at any time in history.

There's always something to bitch and moan about - always has been, always will be.

You can make a decision - to focus on spreading good news and invest in listening to it as well.

Be the beacon of light.

There is always light.

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