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responding to email enquiries

The email below was sent via your website’s online form. It was submitted —————————————————————————

Name: sarah smith

Address: our town

Telephone: 01234 5678910

Day: Monday

Time: Morning

Current_Patient: No

How_Found: internet search

Message: my partner and I would like teeth whitening by using the zoom, could you quote us a price please. kind regards.


Hi Chris

We have had the above email regarding a price for tooth whitening.

We are thinking of replying like this:

Zoom is currently on offer 1/2 price at £395. This price is per person. It includes a consultation with the dentist, zoom power whitening and home bleaching trays which enables you to maintain white teeth forever. The offer ends 31st August 2010. Call 01639 895566 to book your consultation now.

My boss thinks it is too factual. How would you sell it by email?


Practice Manager



Never lose sight of basic sales training:

  1. needs

  2. benefits

  3. features

Dear Sarah

Many thanks for your enquiry.

Many of our patients enjoy the benefits of the instant result delivered by Zoom whitening.

Instead of the “hassle” of wearing trays during the day or overnight before they see any results, they can sit comfortably and watch a video or read whilst waiting for a whiter smile.

At the moment we have a special offer on our normal price of £X.

You can enjoy the benefits of instant whitening, in comfortable surroundings, delivered by our concierge team and for half-price!

To celebrate the summer we are offering Zoom whitening at just £395 per person.

PLUS – to make sure that your instant smile stays that way, we are offering FREE OF CHARGE a complete home whitening kit, including trays and gel.

And – as if that were not enough, we won’t simply drag you in and throw you out – you will benefit from a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced dentists, there to answer any questions you may have a give you a few helpful tips to keep your smile for life.

The offer closes on Y and so to make sure that you can take advantage, please contact us on Z.

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