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  1. Produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound.

  2. Evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.

If you want your message to be heard and acted upon – you have to say something, the content and format of which RESONATES with the reader. listener, viewer.

RESONATE means that you touch my body, my mind or my soul for a moment – a moment in which I STOP doing, STOP being and notice you and what you are saying.

In this sound-bite overloaded, 140-character, instant messaging, multi-app, platform, device world of ours, if you don’t RESONATE with me, you are lost in the noise.

An example of brilliance is the John Lewis Christmas TV advert for 2012.

One minute thirty seconds of advertising brilliance that must bring a lump to the throat of all but the hardest heart.

My soon to be 18-year old daughter Ellie was telling me on Sunday that she fills up every time she watches it – and I can see why.

The message RESONATES with all of us who have ever been, or are, hopelessly in love.

What has it got to do with John Lewis and my Christmas shopping this year?

Everything and nothing – but it “evokes, suggests images, memories and emotions” – and that’s brilliance.

The question is – how do you make your marketing message RESONATE in the same way?

Whether its a 1:1 conversation, a presentation, a web site, a broadcast or a publication – whatever the subject – if you RESONATE they will RESPOND.

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