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Remedial treatment: Denplan response

Two days ago I posted a blog about a question from a client about the rules around remedial treatment of patients who had implant work done overseas. Roger Matthews, chief dental officer of Denplan drew up this response: Your client might like to be reminded that the Denplan Care contract between the dentist and the patient contains the following: Clause 3 “Treatment to which you are not entitled”

  1. The provision, repair or replacement of dental implants and related superstructures…

  2. Referral to a specialist and specialist treatment…

  3. Treatment carried out anywhere other than at your registered dentist…

Clause 7 of the Contract states: “Where you choose to have routine care or treatment provided by a practitioner independently of the [registered] dentist any costs will not be covered by the contract” Clause 10 entitled “Your responsibilities” [i.e. the patient’s], includes the wording: “You must ensure that you also attend the dentist for regular examinations, receive the treatment the dentist advises and you must promptly inform the dentist of any injury, problem or other material matter affecting our dental health; if you fail to ensure any of this you will be liable to pay any fee reasonably charged for treatment necessary to restore your dental health which could otherwise have been avoided.” In short, as the Denplan Care contract is specifically to cover routine dentistry costs provided by the patient’s registered dentist, your client may charge the patient reasonably for any costs associated with the elective treatment they decided independently to undergo.

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