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I've started a process of reinventing my outside.

Gone are the Under Armour track suits of the pandemic.

The straw that broke the camel's back was two separate pieces of family feedback in one week, the first of which suggested that during my appearance on an iTero webinar I looked as if I had just returned from a weekend in Benidorm, the second likening me to a refugee.

What quickly followed was a meeting with Alison, personal shopper at John Lewis in Cheadle, Cheshire, who helped me to emerge after two hugely enjoyable hours with a complete new Autumn wardrobe for both personal and professional wear.

My wife tells me that she has her husband back.

Then came three recent train journeys, during which neither the train crew, nor 80% of the passengers seemed to think it necessary to wear face masks.

That's me done with some public transport thank you very much - so this weekend I collected my 8-year old 2-seater, drop top Mini-Roadster - only one previous owner, 23,000 miles on the clock, showroom condition and just about the most fun you can ever have in a car. A bargain to boot and a cash purchase that leaves me still happily debt-free.

As we enter the Autumn work season (about which I mused last week), I've decided to stir things up so as to emerge from my August funk (see the last newsletter) and give myself a real shot in the arm as I deliver my last 4 months and prepare for Extreme Business 2022 (lots of exciting changes there - you will hear about that in a couple of weeks).

It's a process that will continue - although I recognise that the changes made so far are "the skins on the outside of the onion" and that I also need to go to work on the core.

I'm thinking deeply as I go about that core - the changes I need to make to my inside, to match the changes to my outside.

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