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Reflection and Projection – the 2nd quarter of 2017 begins – are you ready?

Good grief!

We are entering the second quarter of the year – where did the first quarter go?

Time to share a couple of self-coaching exercises.

  1. Reflection

This is an excellent exercise promoted by the clever folks at Strategic Coach in Toronto.

Take a few minutes for yourself and answer the following questions:

  1. Morale: “what were my 5 best achievements from the last quarter?”

  2. Momentum: “what are the 5 areas of focus and progress making me the most confident right now?”

  3. Motivation: “what new things are giving me the greatest sense of excitement going forward?”

  4. Multipliers: “If I could just focus on 5 things that would be the multipliers during the next quarter, what would they be?”

I completed this exercise for myself at the start of January and it’s been interesting to see how much of my desired future was achieved in Q1 – and how much fell by the wayside. I would estimate that I managed to get about 50% of my list done – such is life.

Equally revealing is how much of that first list I am motivated to take forward and try again – not everything, which illustrates that ideas and goals can and will change. That’s human nature.

Download your own worksheet here:

  1. Projection

My second exercise is an old favourite, to plan goals for the next quarter, both Professionally and Personally.

I’m attaching here the goal-setting sheets I have used for many years and will be completing my own before the end of this week.

Again, you may want to give that a go – and, thus, provide yourself with a focus for the next 3 months.

Time passes quickly. It can be an enemy or a friend, depending on how well you plan.

Download your goal-setting sheets here:

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