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Reflecting on branding, marketing and social media

I’m starting this week’s theme with an overview of one of our favourite subjects at the Dental Busienss Club: branding, marketing and social media

* Understanding the power of branding in 21C dentistry

* Reviewing your own brand and determining the future

* Identifying the patient types that you want to attract

* Agreeing the products and services that you want to offer

* Converting those products and services into branded experiences

* Review of web marketing

  1. Google visibility

  2. Your web site and its structure/content

  3. Your social media marketing

* Review of relationship marketing

  1. Your existing patient reviews

  2. Your “word of mouth” systems

  3. Your centres of influence

  4. Local networking

  5. Strategic alliances

  6. Your referral study club (where applicable)

Review of direct marketing

  1. Print media

  2. Radio and other digital media

  3. Signage

  4. Advertising, exhibitions and promotion

* Measuring the ROI on your marketing

* Establishing monitoring systems

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