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Reflect, Consider, Imagine - it's goal-setting time again

Perhaps a startling admission from a business coach - but on reviewing the goals I established back in January for quarter #1 of 2021:

  • Total number of goals set - 11;

  • Progress and success - 6;

  • No progress - 5;

  • Achievement rate - 55%.

That wouldn't be a pass mark in an exam.

Why no progress on 45%?

On reflection:

  • Lockdown 3.0 put paid to some of my objectives around personal and social progress;

  • Absorbing myself in the delivery of coaching to clients distracted me from the longer term planning I had hoped to do;

  • There were technical barriers to progress around some of the plans I made - too fast and too soon.

Overall - the good news is that the words "lazy" or "indifferent" don't come in to the equation and, reassuringly, neither does "burn out".

My new Full Focus Planner appears on Thursday and there will be time allocated over the Easter weekend to deep thinking about realistic goals for quarter #2.

The progressive easing of lockdown (we hope) over the quarter will present interesting new challenges - for me the reappearance of limited business travel after 53 weeks in The Bunker.

I hope that you will plan time in the next 7 days to REFLECT on your experiences of the last three months, to CONSIDER how things look right now and to IMAGINE the progress you can make before 30th June 2021.

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Thank you for sharing Chris, how many personal and business goals would you suggest is realistic?

Chris Barrow
Chris Barrow
Mar 29, 2021
Replying to

Morning Angela - I'm not going to quote a numeric value - but my previous experience has been to keep the numbers realistically low and achievable. I'm thinking David Brailsford's theory of "marginal gains". The reality is that one goal successfully achieved every quarter as a minimum would make a big difference over three years.

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