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Reception FAQ’s

I’ve been doing some thinking with the receptionists in the Scottish region of IDH recently about “frequently asked questions” at reception. We are playing around with answers that would be “brand standard”.

The starting point was to find out exactly what those questions were – and here is a first attempt:

  1. Are you taking on any new patients?

  2. What’s the difference between NHS and Private?

  3. Can I move to another dentist within the practice?

  4. Why do I need to complete new forms every time I come to the practice for a check-up?

  5. What treatment am I getting done?

  6. How much will my treatment cost?

  7. Do you have a waiting list?

  8. Do you have a downstairs surgery?

  9. Do you have a lady dentist?

  10. Can I pay for everything at the end of treatment?

How does that compare with your list?

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