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Rainbow over Stonehendge

Not the best photo I’ve ever taken but the actual view was so spectacular last night that people were pulling off the road just to stand and stare. The ancients had all sorts of myths surrounding this phenomenon – most of which revolved around the rainbow being some sort of doorway to heaven. I’m not quite sure that Cobham is the gateway to eternal paradise – but it’s where I woke this morning. My viewing was on a Sunday evening drive from Cornwall to Surrey, where I’ll be attending a practice visit today with a new client. For once, I managed to switch off over the weekend – not just the electronics but also my head – and enjoy a restful change of pace and scenery. The week ahead promises much adventure. After my PV today – workshops in Watford and Cobham (the first of our third quarter – Patient Journey and Selling Skills) and then on to a day in practice on Thursday and my indulgent day as a delegate at Strategic Coach (Central London) on Friday. I’ll be living out of a suitcase until Friday night – but I know the week ahead will be full of encounters with clients that will be rich with anecdote and experience. After a meeting with Bonnie on Friday, I have a lot of clarity about my next 90 days and 12 months – that is motivating me. After Ashley Latter’s selling skills course two weeks ago, I completed contracts worth £60,000 of new business last week – that was exhilarating and a clear message that the dental business market is booming. It’s also a testimonial for Ashley’s material – which is already helping Team CB to take action.

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