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  • Is there any truth in The Daily Mail article (overnight) reporting that the CDO has suggested practices could be open from 15th June in the next wave of lockdown release?

  • Will that include independent private-only practices?

  • Given the increasing number of fully private practices announcing that they are "going rogue" and have either already opened or plan to in the next few days (1st June, 8th June), is it time to comply with the guidelines from the BDA, CQC, GDC, indemnifiers and insurers and just get on with it?

  • Could we face a situation in England where private practices reopen and mixed practices (no matter how small their contract) are forced to wait?

  • Whose SOPs? My own, the NHS, Portman, FGDP?

  • If English dentists do get a go-ahead from NHSE, will it be a phased return to work, similar to that announced in Scotland last week?

  • If phased, can I actually afford to open my practice to provide non-AGP - or will I be losing more money if I open than if I stay closed until AGP are permitted?

  • How do I do any accurate financial forecasting, given the uncertainties that abound?

  • How do I deal with team members who are reluctant to return to work because of perceived health risks, ongoing child-care and/or flexible working hours?

  • How do I break the news to my hygienists/therapists/associates that, during the first phases of return to work, I cannot afford to pay them as much?

  • Will my promised PPE arrive in time, even if the "authorities" tell me I can open?

  • Who is going to pay for all this PPE?

  • Given that I was planning my exit before Covid-19, how much longer will I now have to work, whilst goodwill values recover?

That will be Wednesday then.

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