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Q&A Session for all BKH Coaching Clients

Calling all Practice Managers and Business Development Managers of BKH coaching clients! It can be a lonely job out there sometimes… Am I right? Dealing with the team, dealing with the associates, dealing with the ‘The Dentist’…….. You are the person that is central to the practice and sorts out everyone else’s problems. But you probably have little time or no-one to turn to for advice and support. As from Tuesday 15th Jan, 7pm, I will be holding a conference call ‘Q&A’ session for all BKH managers. I have 20 years experience in the dental industry and a decade of experience as Practice Manager and so I know the frustrations and the difficulties that you may face. Bring all your questions, worries or concerns to me and I will help to solve them. We can share thoughts, ideas and stories with each other. Interested in joining the clan? I hope so – look forward to chatting with you all on the 15th… Please contact Phillippa for details –

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