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PrivateVT continues to grow

We are actively recruiting potential mentors/training practices now for new graduates to start in August 2012 and hope to have a firm list by late November that final year students can start applying to. The scheme gives them full NHS equivalence. You, should you choose to become a mentor, would keep 100% of all the FD1’s income, from whatever source, and in return pay the FD1 a salary of approx. £32K and (on current calculations) pay Private VT Ltd a fee of £15K for providing training and support. This will probably consist of a deposit of £3K and 12 monthly payments of £1,000 from July 2012. We think this will easily work out as favourable as employing an associate on approx. 45% but with the added advantage of lots of vCPD for yourself and the FD1. The other advantages over the NHS scheme are that you get to advertise for, interview and select your FD1 without any interference from us (unless you need guidance of course). Some of the characters involved are: Richard Cure (ortho), Ian Dunn (perio), Andy Lane and Roy Higson (occlusion/TMD), Alyn Morgan (endo), Richard Charon, Jenny Pinder, Alun Rees, and at least two current postgrad deans we can’t name yet. Much more detail is included in the temporary site we have set up at and it would be great if you could go to our Facebook page: and “like” us – that way you will be kept up to date with news, etc. We already have 12 practices signed up and our initial aim was to get 20 for the first year of the scheme. It looks like we should exceed that number now as we haven’t even had a launch in the dental press yet. If you have any further questions after reading the stuff on the web site please ask; if you are keen to register as a mentor please fill in the mentor application form on the site or via the Facebook page.

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