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Priorities in marketing

Here’s what happens in most of the practices that I visit.

Priority #1 – let’s try and find some strangers to come and see us

Priority #2 – let’s try and get some referrals from our existing patients

Priority #3 – let’s try and sell additional treatment to our existing patients

Enormous sums of money are invested in Priority #1.

The approach to Priority #2 is haphazard.

Priority #3 is often addressed as an after-thought.

Can you sense the illogicality of this?

What happens if you reverse this approach?

Priority #1 – deliver excellent long-term care to our existing patients and, through regular digital marketing, keep them posted on who you are helping and how (emotional storytelling) – so that when a “trigger” event occurs in their lives, they will come to you for additional treatment.

Priority #2 – ensure that our word of mouth systems are well rehearsed, deployed and monitored. Enrol our existing patients as our unpaid salesforce.

The first 2 priorities include making your recall system your most successful marketing tactic.

Priority #3 – get noticed by strangers, bearing in mind (yesterday’s post) that 50% of your marketing investment will now be digital, irrespective of the treatment modalities you feature or the demographic of your target market.

If you reverse the priorities, your Marketing Return on Investment (MROI) can explode.

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