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Print media as sensual art

As a member of the Rapha Cycling Club I recently received a complimentary copy of the 100th edition of Rouleur and it sat in my magazine rack, waiting for me to finish reading my latest Ken Follett magnum opus.

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to explore the pages and was immediately engaged by the beautiful design, stunning photography and fantastic interviews with athletes at the top of their game:

When you attack, you should never look back.

Connie Carpenter, Olympic Gold Medallist.

Rouleur is truly a creation of beauty.

Their marketing worked by the way - this morning I have subscribed to the magazine for £7.00 per calendar month, not cheap but it feels sensual, looks lovely, reads well and lifts me out of lockdown until I can take delivery of my new bike (maybe March?) and hit the roads.

This will bring to three the number of print media publications considered essential in my life (not including dental mags, which we read to avoid FOMO):

  1. Wired magazine - I've been a subscriber for over 20 years;

  2. ELSIE - Les Jones' wonderful and occasional work of art;

  3. Rouleur now joins the list.

Proving, perhaps, that there can still be a role for print media in a world dominated by digital.

It makes me wish I had the time to create a work of art for the world of business coaching.

It also has me wondering whether the role of the "up market" practice brochure has been forgotten, especially in it's appeal to the implant generation?

(confession - I have just downloaded the Rouleur app to my iPad Pro - but I'm not going to let that dilute the tactile pleasure of turning the pages).

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