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Practising rather than preaching – the coach gets coached

Today I meet for a full day with my business coach Rachel Turner.

It’s a 6-monthly review meeting during which we will be:

  1. looking at the progress I’ve made since our 2-day intensive in early October 2017;

  2. I’m making more money in less time – result!

  3. I’m genuinely happy with the clients, the team and the work I do

  4. I have the sense that there is a bigger future ahead

  5. I no longer get as distracted by Bright Shiny Objects (ideas that dilute our focus)

  6. My personal fitness is improving

  7. reviewing where I’m at today in terms of

  8. finances

  9. marketing

  10. the client experience

  11. systems

  12. support team

  13. looking at the rest of 2018 and what I need to to do ensure I hit targets on

  14. income and expenditure

  15. removing any tolerations

  16. business development

  17. reviewing progress on a product/service development idea I talked about at our October meeting and have spent 6 months creating the space to implement (that’s how long it has taken to change direction)

  18. looking at the next 5 years strategically to confirm whether my vision from the last meeting is the same

All of which means that the 8 uninterrupted hours Rachel and I have together will simply fly by.

I hope to catch the 18:00 out of Euston with a mind that is cleared and focused.

You should try it.

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