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Platinum week

Four practice visits this week, in Alfreton, Derbyshire today, then on to Wetherby and Doncaster in Yorkshire and London later in the week. Each of these days will be a unique, in-practice, tailor-made event. I know that today will about financial analysis, productivity and profitability. Tomorrow I’m not sure until I arrive. Wednesday will be a one-day personal retreat for the owner – developing the vision for the next three years. Friday in London will be the creation of a new brand, corporate image and marketing plan PLUS some sales training for my client’s team. Thursday will be a pause in the proceedings. I’ll be briefly visiting with a long-standing friend and former client in Bolton to discuss possible coaching – and taking re-possession of my apartment in Altrincham after the current tenants have moved on. A very busy week ahead – and my committment to running will be tested by the need for a switch to evenings – not the best of times for me to be exercising but better than nothing. Needless to say, the week will be spent mainly in hotel rooms, although I intend to sleep in the apartment at the back end of the week – a welcome change. Our Leadership Intensive on Friday and Saturday was an enormous success – Simon and I were on top form with an open-minded group and the testimonials and feedback sheets show 100% satisfaction – very satisfying. Somewhere in all of this – we continue to race towards our own new brand, corporate image and marketing plan – with the 31st December rushing towards us. Busy, busy, busy. One free day yesterday was not enough to recharge the battery.

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