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Peace of mind for the business owner

No matter how you look at it – from whatever direction – it is cash flow that creates peace of mind. You can be up to your neck in production, delivery, marketing or management – but if there is no cash flow you will arrive home at the end of the week exhausted and wondering what the bloody hell you have been doing. Which begs a question or two:

  1. are you fanatical about measuring your cash flow on a day to day basis?

  2. perhaps more importantly, are you a raving fanatic for future cash flow forecasts

  3. one month

  4. 90-days

  5. 12 months

Are you (or is a senior manager) an Excel wizard? Can you tell me what your closing bank balance is targeted to be every month for the next twelve? If not – get help and get it now. In the dental market that is now emerging, there will be no place to hide, no bucket of sand to pop your head in to. Cash flow is King. Cash flow is Peace of Mind.

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