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Tuesday is scheduled as a call-in day for clients – 15-minute laser coaching calls throughout the working day and a conference call this evening. I am surprised this morning when I check our on-line appointment scheduler to discover that my first call is at 12.15pm and I have the morning free to do other work. That’s a bonus as 53 emails fell in overnight – but also slightly concerning as the gym is open but clients are not appearing for exercise! I actually know that part of the reason for this is a system error – we didn’t broadcast this call-in day well enough in advance for our busy dentists and they have patients in chairs today. We have to refresh our system to make sure they have plenty of notice. Yesterday’s management meeting was largely about systems – how to create, operate, monitor and adapt them. I made a big decision yesterday – 6 weeks after Bonnie joined the company as business manager, I now feel confident to stop mico-managing, let go and allow her to fly solo. That was a liberating moment for me – and I reflect that she has taken our existing systems on board in just 6 weeks and is now ready to take them forward. That will free my time up to focus more on delivery and strategy. It will also considerably reduce my stress levels and tiredness. I have cleared my emails, reviewed my task list for the day – and I’m just about to have a cup of tea and a few minutes rest. This evening I travel to Bristol (again) to begin a week of travel – Bristol workshop tomorrow, Edinburgh on Thursday and a practice visit in Edinburgh on Friday morning.

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