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Ownership opportunity in Chichester

Many of you will have followed the developing story of Centre for Dentistry, who offer operating licences for dental practices within Sainsburys stores. Earlier this week I featured some photographs of stores “in build” in Camberley and Reading – a video blog on the same subject will be issued in the next few days. This is a golden opportunity for: • a dentist looking to own their own first practice or • an existing Principal looking to expand beyond their current location Centre for Dentistry (CfD) provide a unique support package which allows you to concentrate on the dentistry, whilst CfD build the practice, market for new patients and manage the business end of things. Sainsburys are partners in the business and so have a vested interest in driving business through your door. The premises are superb and the business plan is unbeatable. CfD now have an opportunity in Sainsburys Chichester and we are looking for an operating partner. If you know of any individual who would be interested in a conversation, please contact

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