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Our weekly webinar - what we discussed last night

Last night on our weekly webinar for members of The Extreme Business 100:

  1. A review of the Autumn Statement with dental accountant Mark Simic running through any actions required and answering questions live;

  2. Mark again, with some thoughts about the effect of the new "living wage" on pay demands over the next 6 months;

  3. Myself on "tackling Pre-Christmas Purchasing Reluctance - what to do about patients who tell you they want to defer treatment until after Christmas and New Year;

  4. Me again - this time on the pre-Christmas sales campaign - a series of ideas on what to market in the next 4 weeks, where to do that marketing, how to do it and what to say;

  5. Our usual "open-mic" night, answering questions on whatever topics are hot - last night, conversations on therapist scope of practice, Christmas party allowances for self-employed clinicians, using multiple TCOs in an ortho practice and opening between Christmas and New Year (and how best to do that).

We meet every Tuesday evening for an hour live, sometimes inviting guest speakers on specialist subjects (and forward thinkers), but most often just the "open mic" concept, so that members can get advice from me and, equally importantly, their peers.

We record every call and broadcast that on Wednesday morning, so that those who miss the call can catch up - many choosing to listen to the audio file on their commute, walking the dog, exercising.

Coaching : Community : Confidence

That's one of the things we do - and you can still join us for 2024 - if you would like a no-obligation Zoom call with me - just register at the foot of this landing page (and read it first!) -

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