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Our October newsletter is out - and contains some breaking news

In this month's newsletter (link below):

  1. Scary seconds - and now - it's back to the "don't know show" - a review of current conditions in the dental marketplace;

  2. What will your 2021 look like - some thoughts on planning and a glimpse at my own plans for next year;

  3. The Complete Guide to Dental Plan Implementation.

We are delighted to have added a new course to The Extreme Business Academy platform this month - The Complete Guide to Dental Plan Implementation. In this extended series of interviews with Matt Hadman from Practice Plan, I have fulfilled an ambition held since The Extreme Business Academy was first imagined - and that was to create a one-stop guide to every aspect of Dental Plan implementation:

  • Why dental plans are good for patients and good for business;

  • How to conduct a successful conversion from NHS to plan dentistry;

  • How to introduce a plan to an existing private practice and

  • How to switch from one plan provider to another.

My objective was to create a resource that could be viewed by owners and managers, by team members and by hygienists, therapist and associates. Equally, that everyone would gain knowledge and useful tips that would help them to communicate effectively with patients on this subject.

A resource to refresh the knowledge of existing team members and onboard new joiners. My thanks to Matt and to the team at Practice Plan for allowing me to pick his brains and share some great ideas and insights with you.

The course is offered, at no extra charge, to all members of The Extreme Business Academy.

The link to the newsletter is HERE

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