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One week to launch


I share with you this morning some photographs from last weekend.

A week today, Saturday 4th June 2016, will be the launch date of a new company that aims to change the landscape of the extreme expedition business and change the lives of its participants.

Two years of conversation, imagination and detailed planning which, at the click of a keyboard, will become a reality.


Next weekend you will see our web site and I will comment in this blog on our vision and, most importantly, our first event in February 2017.

We will have only 4 clients for that first journey off the grid. 4 experts and 4 clients – an unheard of level of engagement.


4 individuals who will travel with us to a remote location many thousands of miles away from the UK for 21 days and learn about life in the wild and, most importantly, about themselves.

Last weekend the 4 of us who are founding the business attended a final training, preparation and discussion weekend in the Kielder Forest, Northumberland (the location of our UK training base).


We walked, talked, cooked and sat around a glowing fire as we assessed future campsites and rehearsed some of the equipment and techniques required to ensure the maximum experience for our clients.

I’m excited and cannot wait to tell you more.

See you next week.


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