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One quest completed and another about to begin

Well I ticked the box on the 35-mile Ultra-Marathon yesterday (my 25th marathon distance) and satisfied myself that ordinary marathon running is my distance and that I will not be doing that to myself again.

At the start of the run I was chatting to runners who regularly smash out 50 and 100-milers – hats off to them (although reading between the lines it seems that they have little time to do much else with their lives – in a state of perpetual training).

I don’t want to invest that level of dedication (fanaticism?) into my distance running and so will now revert to “just” marathons – the next one will be Gloucester on 6th August with my running buddy Marcus Spry and it may seem like a doddle after Sunday’s Wirral Way experience.

Today I’m taking a free day to attend a Compulsory Basic Training course en route to a full motorbike licence before the end of August.

It was, of course, a masterpiece of personal organisation to arrange that the day after the Ultra – I can imagine the instructors will be wondering why it takes me so long to actually get on a bike – ah well.

Yes – it’s another bucket list day – learning new skills, setting new challenges, moving out of my comfort zone, setting quests.

The older I get, the longer the bucket list and here’s my coaching for you this morning – start your list now.

On the subject of challenges, there will be some existing news later this week about 7 explorers and our 2018 expedition – watch this space as I’m excited to tell you all about what we are proposing.

I’m off to learn something new – Coach Barrow will be back tomorrow morning.

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