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On disruption, salaried associates and lycra

On disruption

The unconfirmed news from last week’s British Orthodontic Society annual conference that 2/3rds of the members had failed with their NHS tenders, if true, will have a hugely disruptive effect on the whole British dental market – the ripples spread beyond the world of braces.

At my Extreme Business workshops this week, we discussed the possible effects, including significant numbers of support team members and clinicians looking for work, a sudden and huge number of ortho practices looking to extend their marketing of cosmetic ortho (and perhaps other dental services) into the private sector and a possible re-alignment (sic) of major suppliers to adapt to new market conditions.

On salaries for clinicians

Another notable success story across my workshop client base has been the recruitment of salaried apprentice dentists, many of whom have now served that apprenticeship and are moving to salaried associate positions.

It is still possible to incentivise the salaried associate with performance bonuses and I’m meeting some very impressive younger people, who are thriving on the mentoring provided by their enlightened Principals.

We are breaking very fertile ground here and I’m keeping a close eye on the system. In particular, the remuneration packages my clients are designing for salaried associates are innovative and put to death the “all my friends are on 50%” problem.

On riding bikes and wearing lycra

After a superb Bridge2Aid curry night it’s my first day of the BDIA Dental Showcase at London’s Excel this morning.

My two days are likely to be spent mainly in lycra as we benefit from the support of Planmeca with our cycling challenge on their stand I26.

Yesterday they helped us raise a further £750 for the good causes and Planmeca have promised to match the Show total pounds for pound – so in reality that’s another £1500 so far (making a total including Gift Aid of somewhere around the £36,000 mark).

This evening at the Dental Sky Boat Bash, my understanding is that there will be a symbolic handover of funds to Cancer Research UK, Bridge2Aid and BrushUpUK. My hope is that as volunteers jump on the spin bike today and tomorrow (or pay us to do the same), we can push that total closer to the next milestone of £40,000.

The support of the dental community for our efforts and for those of the Straumann bike ride from Lake Garda to Rome has been a real heart-warmer and says everything about the quality of dental folk.

I must once again thank our sponsors, Wesleyan, Practice Plan, Dental Sky and Dental Focus, without whose help we could not have ensured that 100% of your money goes straight to our good causes. Thank you to Planmeca for this extra support. Thank you to my fellow riders and support team, who made the journey such a pleasure. Most of all thank you to every donor, from the strangers who gave us cash on the ride, through those who individually gave from net income, to the corporate donors who were able to make such a difference.

On the BDIA

I’ll have my eyes and ears open the next 2 days will report back on Monday – have a great weekend and come over to I26 and say hello if you are at The Showcase.

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