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October already…

Can you believe it’s October? There is a definite chill in the early morning air- the gloves and hat are out for the morning run. It’s as if somebody woke on Monday and turned the thermostat down on the global warming system. The happiest creatures around here are the domesticated dogs. 1st October means they can go back on to Cornwall’s beaches – and on Monday evening a post-work stroll was entertained by dozens of frantic pets charging across Gylly Beach as if they had never been out before.

As always, I see the metaphor. How often do we get a chance to run screaming around a beach, jumping for joy, splashing in the icy sea, taking our breath away, getting filthy dirty in the sand? When was the last time you drove a car with the hood down and sang at the top of your voice? When you did something completely crazy and experienced an adrenalin rush without having to inhale or intake something harmful? The last time you just enjoyed some fresh air? Every morning and evening from now through until next Easter – the dogs will be out on the beach – going crazy and staying sane as a result. Too many of us are staying sane – and going crazy as a result. I don’t think we have enough fun.

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