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Not good enough

We have visited Rick Stein’s new fish and chip shop in Falmouth twice before, both times for the traditional “fish supper” – and have loved it.

They have to be possibly the most expensive fish and chips in the UK – but avid readers will know that its about “the experience” and not what’s on the plate (although that is very good as well).

Last night Annie and I decided to visit the Oyster Bar upstairs for the first time – a little celebration just for the two of us.

Champagne, lobster, hot and spicy prawns and a “tapas” selection whilst we chatted and looked out over Event Square and the Marina.

Service – impeccable – congratulations to Stein because he has NOT made the usual mistake of investing thousands in shop-fitting and then recruiting student labour who either don’t know or don’t care about customer service (very common in Falmouth – don’t ever go to Pizza Express).

Food and drink – excellent. Local produce beautifully prepared and our favourite Camel Valley bubbly.

Environment – a big disappointment:

  1. no ambient music – we were the only couple in there and it was VERY quiet

  2. same hard tables and chairs as downstairs

  3. same white tiles as downstairs

Not enough positive differentiation.

At these prices, I expect “upstairs” to be like a business class lounge.

Maybe a different tiling, some comfy chairs, background music, different lighting.

Still an 8 out of 10 – but I’m expecting a 10.

There are plenty of people prepared to pay for the upgrade (as well as the £15 a head meals downstairs) – but give us the upgrade please.

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