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NHS walk-in centre

After a superb workshop in Gateshead (lovely crowd, all willing to learn) I accepted a lift from a client to the NHS walk-in centre across the river Tyne in Newcastle City Centre. Even this stupid man had to accept that I needed some professional help in dealing with my deteriorating health as I travel. The bottom line (forgive the pun) is that I have case of gastro-enteritis that is causing me a great deal of discomfort and means that I spend a good part of the day feeling nauseous. I’m slowly slipping into sleep deprivation and ill-health as I flog myself around the country, answering emails from 5.00am every morning, presenting workshops and driving between destinations in the evenings (whilst making hands-free phone calls).Rather paradoxically, the afternoons of the workshops are focused on strategies to maintain a good balance between work, rest and play!!! As Stephen Covey would say – “it’s harvest time” – and the crops have to be brought in. So I’m going to accept the advice of the lovely nurse who examined me last night – to “flush out my system” – and I’m going to keep going for the next few weeks and hope that I hold out. My other vitals were OK so there appears to be nothing more sinister going on than tiredness and a tummy bug. That sounds like me asking for a sympathy vote – sorry – didn’t mean it to sound that way. After my experiences with Ashley last week – maybe it’s just about burn-out reducing the effectiveness of both of our immune systems?Today, the marketing workshop in Leeds – expecting a good turn-out form what is normally a lively audience.The great news is that we have continued to “sign-up” clients for the Breathe Business Club – 2 in Edinburgh on Tuesday and another 2 in Gateshead. And today we go live with Breathe Business on the stand at the BACD conference in Hammersmith – so whilst I’m presenting in Yorkshire, the team are unpacking our brand new literature in London.Exciting times.

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