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NHS children and their parents

A client emails as follows this morning: We currently have a small NHS contract to see children only. There are many adults that bring their children to see us but who are not members of the practice. There are some who have left us to go elsewhere but still bring their kids because its free and we do a good job. Is there any scope to (does anyone else) insist that adults register as members is they want the kids seen on the NHS? It has always seemed commercially insane and ethically unfair that dentists have to tolerate this situation – am I correct? Surely, any parent who wanted their child to enjoy the benefits of dentistry delivered (in this case)

  1. in a concierge class environment

  2. by a superb team

  3. with excellent clinicans

  4. in a nice part of town

Would be prepared to “pay the price” by becoming a member of the practice themselves for a reasonable monthly payment, much less than a Sky subscription? No doubt there will be some directive that permits this daftness. Suggestions please……

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