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I was recently asked in a Facebook post what I meant by “netwalking” – an activity I took part in this past weekend. It’s a term I picked up on the web to describe what happens when you are trekking, whether it is a wilderness or, as this last weekend, the High Peak of Derbyshire. • walking • getting some darned good fresh air and exercise • enjoying the scenery and local food • having the opportunity to talk “shop” or talk “life” randomly with whoever you meet with The B2A training weekend was attended about about 10 of the 26 people who will tackle Kilimanjaro in August. Some, like Zaki and Dominique Kanaan, we already knew, some, like Caroline and Julie, were existing Facebook “friends” meeting for the first time “in the flesh”; others like Keira were unexpected and delightful surprises. What we had in common was a career in dentistry, a desire to raise funds for B2A and the spirit of trepidation and adventure about the ascent in East Africa in not many weeks time. So you trek – and as the days unfold, you find yourself in conversation with everyone. You exchange personal details and build rapport. You chat about life. You chat about work. And along the way, your mind is stimulated by the environment and the conversation – to perhaps re-evaluate your own plan and opinions. No interruptions and a chance to hear how other people have progressed through their issues and be inspired to deal with your own. Zaki Kanaan and I were chatting yesterday as we descended from Kinder Scout and throwing the idea around that it would be great to follow this through and create a “Dental Netwalking Club”

  1. meet three times a year

  2. enjoy two days of walking and an overnight

  3. create some simple entry requirements:

⁃ you own your own practice or have a senior management position in dentistry ⁃ you have been in business for at least X years ⁃ you don’t mind a stiff walk ⁃ you don’t mind some good, basic accommodation ⁃ you don’t mind sharing digs (Zaki and I slept in bunk beds on Saturday night with 5 other blokes!) ⁃ you don’t mind sharing ideas (givers gain) Anybody interested?

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