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Movie stars and mind-mapping

Day 1 of the Coaching Business School Intensive – 18 clients in the British Columbia room at the Fairmont Royal York. Outside in the hotel lobby a full-scale film crew shooting “Truth and Justice” a new movie starring Ben Affleck and Adrian Brodie (The Pianist). Last night after dinner we watched Adrian being filmed – interesting and fun. Our first Intensive day focused on the following main topics: 1. How to create a zippy title for your gigs and coaching programmes that will sell or bring delegates (or maybe I should say “Zippy Titles that sell”) 2. How to create strategic alliance partnerships that work and 3. How to get lots of quality gigs. The day just flew by and we used mind-mapping software (instead of a flip-chart) to capture the discussion in a format that I can now email to all CBS clients. The product I use is MindGenius from As always, the atmosphere in the room is inspirational – successful coaches sharing with each other their “wins and losses” – all of us moving forward. Not a bitcher, moaner or whiner in sight. Today they want me to run through the presentation I gave at Talking Points in Dentistry – and also deconstruct the Dental Business School workshop slides. That will keep me busy to say the least. I wonder if we will see Ben?

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