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Move away from the bad news

I took my car to be washed at lunchtime by the lads at a local garage who are happy to earn the same as it would cost me to jet wash it myself. Whilst waiting in the garage reception I watched Sky News for 5 minutes. Long enough to top up my misery as I heard about today’s killings at a local post-office to add to 500,000 job losses in the USA last month. In fairness, Sky did tell me that John Lewis were delighted with a 16% growth in December sales over the previous year – at least they managed to squeeze that one in. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. get the newspapers out of your patient lounge and replace them with positive lifestyle magazines;

  2. switch the news off on your plasma screen and find something uplifting to play via DVD;

  3. prohibit negative conversation “on stage”;

  4. if a patient/client starts moaning about the state of the world – quickly agree and then move on to explain how well prepared you are in business;

  5. when ANYONE asks you “how things are” – answer – “we are working much harder then last year for our business but it’s still bearing fruit – the good news is that patients are still investing in smile makeovers!”

I was chatting today to the dentists who will be speaking with me at The Brits seminar in February.

They are all busy as hell – and ready to share their ideas with you.

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