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Monday riff (in my pyjamas)

I woke at 02:00 last night and could not get back to sleep.


This is going to sound banal....

Over the weekend I have been setting up my new Mac Mini and Studio Display in the new Barrow home office.

Contrast the bad old days, when a new computer meant hours of painstaking reloading of software (even right back to the days of CDs - even further to floppy disks!).

Now - I activate "Migration Assistant" on my MacBook Air and, a few clicks later, everything I need is transferred "peer to peer" on our home wifi network.

That was Saturday morning. By lunchtime I was enjoying the moment.

There's a "however" (however).

About a week ago, the "search" facility in Mail stopped working on my desktop and laptop - that little menu bar in the top right corner, where, If I want to search for all the emails from an individual or on a subject, I just enter, press and the list appears.

Not anymore it doesn't.

So last night I decided after dinner that I was going to browse for fixes and started following the procedures outlined in various online forums.

This involved doing something well above my computer pay grade - opening "Terminal" and typing lines of code - eek.

With dogged determination (or was it stubbornness?) I followed the instructions, rebooted, launched Mail and after waiting for my folders to reload, was delivered with that heart-sinking message that the operation could not be completed.

Back online to read what next - and a bewildering series of threads.

Reluctantly, at 21:00 last night, I capitulated and realised that I was going to have to restore my Mac Mini to factory defaults - and then begin the process all over again of Migration from my Macbook Air.

Lights out at 21:30 last night (Annie just back from New York and very tired), with the intention of tackling the job first thing Monday (along with the huge task list I already have for the day).


02:00, in the dark, the Chimp arrives at the foot of the bed....

"This is going to set you right back at the start of a busy week."

"You may have to work on your laptop until the weekend."

"What if you Migrate all the data and your Mail still doesn't work?"

"Why did you decide to start that on a Sunday evening?"

At 02:30 I rise and tip-toe down to my office, then spend the next hour running the Migration whilst reading my Kindle. Eventually I reach the part in the Migration process where I'm told it will be an hour before the transfer is complete.

Back to bed, re-setting my alarm from 05:45 to 06:30 to capture a few valuable extra minutes of sleep.

The good news is that I did fall asleep (now that my brain had stopped fizzing).

This morning, another hour completing the transfer, logging back into various accounts (thank goodness for 1password) and I'm now just about ready to start my week.

My Whoop has given me a green recovery score but I feel like I'm the one who has flown across the Atlantic.

My task list for this week is huge, plus a full calendar of Zoom calls, webinars and workshops.

I lost about 4 hours of my life this weekend transferring data and trying to fix things I wasn't qualified to fix.

Now - begin again. Happy Monday - here goes.

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