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Monday morning riff

The My Dentist Open Ride

This blog is a little later than normal as I allowed myself the luxury of an extra half hour in bed, knowing that my usual Wattbike session wouldn't be happening after yesterday's charity ride.

My final thanks for the generosity of those who supported me and the other riders in raising funds for Dementia UK and Bridge2Aid. A total of £6780 as I write and possibly more to come.

This was the first of what I hope might be an annual event and an excellent, if challenging, day out.

2,000 meters in 90 km was the toughest day I've ever had on a bike.

To my own supporters thank you, thank you, thank you.

The 21st Century Check-Up

A final reminder of Wednesday evening's free webinar in the Align Digital Excellence series.

I'll be introducing Dr Marcos White and Dr Gianluca Plotino and they will be sharing with you a fantastic presentation on how the digital workflow has revolutionised their preventative care service.

A record 1,200 registrations already and remember that you need to register to receive a link to the call recording if you are busy on the night.

Financial Analysis

My current obsession with getting the numbers right in the business of dentistry continues this week in Manchester.

On Wednesday I'll be presenting to a Practice Plan regional workshop. On Thursday and Friday to my own clients from the North West.

Once more I intend to raise eyebrows on the subjects of fee-earner profitability and exit strategy.

Is it me?

Chatting to Ashley yesterday as we climbed our 2,000 meters in beautiful Derbyshire.

Is it me (us) or do we seem to be just getting busier and busier?

Both of us run of our feet - which means that YOU are busier than ever.

I have clients booking new patient appointments in August.

I have Phillippa asking me to alter my work pattern to accommodate calls from clients and others.

I wake this morning to a very long task list, countless emails and, simply put, loads to do.

On Saturday I received a new supply of Google review cards with a QR code - they are proving invaluable in sharply increasing the number of Google reviews I collect.

Here we go again - have a fabulous week - I know I will.

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