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Marketing NEVER ends, marketing NEVER stops, you keep on marketing even when it’s raining new clients. The last 6 months have been the best ever in 9 years of The Dental Business School. And yet, here’s what we are planning at the moment:

  1. a 21,000 leaflet drop in the British Dental Journal

  2. a 20,000 leaflet drop in Private Dentistry magazine

  3. a letter to our “interested” database of 780 dentists, promoting one-day Practice Audits by our two in-house dental coaches

  4. a letter to the same database announcing the next round of UK taster days at the DBS workshops

  5. a twice-monthly ezine broadcast to 2000 readers announcing the schedule of one and two-day Intensives for the coming year

  6. an special offer in the ezine and newsletter for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

  7. a feature in the newsletter for the British Dental Practice Managers Association

  8. a review of our strategic alliance partners and meetings to dicuss marketing alliances

  9. a reprint of our 100-tips booklet for distribution at conferences

  10. a new offer to take our successful “Perfect Front Desk Team” Intensive in-house to specific practices

  11. creation of 3 new Intensives for our Autumn programme of events

And that’s as well as public speaking engagements for yours truly which include:

  1. an evening at Precision Dental Laboratory in Newbury

  2. a UK tour with Isoplan (in progress)

  3. a one-day presentation to ortho practices at the Head Office of 3M Unitek in Bracknell

  4. a VDP conference

  5. a one-day special with the Newcastle IPG

  6. a s.63 day in Doncaster

Just in the next 3 months. To carry on from my “cash is king” comments:

  1. It’s all about cash flow;

  2. Cash flow is all about sales;

  3. Sales are a consequence of marketing.

Never take your eye off that ball.

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