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Making me look good

One of the top three business decisions I made in the last few years was to hire Phillippa Goodwin as my virtual personal assistant.

Why am I prompted to say that today?

Because three times last week I heard a version of:

“Phillippa is very good – so efficient and friendly”

  1. one potential new client

  2. one conference organiser

  3. one existing client

And, to be fair, I hear that week after week.

I’m sometimes asked how come I always seem to attract good team members.

I’m not entirely sure what the answer is – I just seem to.

They all tell me I’m a great boss to work for – funny, demanding and respectful of their time and talents – and I think I pay well.

They move on – because life moves on – I’ve become accustomed to that over 23 years of self-employment.

Getting the right team members makes me look very good in the marketplace.

It also makes my life a pleasure – because I can focus on what I do well (speak, coach, write) and leave “everything else” to them.

That makes for fun weekends and lots of lovely holidays.

They are priceless – and none more so than Phillippa.

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