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“Make it so”

When Captain Picard issued that command, the inference was:

  1. we know what we have to do

  2. I don’t need to know the detail

  3. I just want you to get on with it

and, of course, the assumption is that you have a team of people around you who know:

  1. what to do

  2. how to do it

  3. why they are doing it

  4. how they will be measured

  5. when you want it for

perhaps most important of all:

  1. they want to do it for themselves and

  2. they want to do it for you

The very essence of leadership, management and delegation.

So when I’m with a client who bemoans the fact that they “don’t have enough time to get everything done”, I know I’m with a client who needs (more) coaching on leadership, management, delegation, vision, plan, goals – and, critically, team-building.

The very bed-rock of your success is a fabulous team who know the who, what, when, where, why answers.

Make it so.

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