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Magic Box – part 3

So, as promised yesterday, here is the 4:33 video loop that we created for the patient lounge at Marquess Dental (you can play with or without sound)..

and an example of the signage that we delivered on 2nd December. Finally, comments from Geraint himself:

“we received our Magic Box of Marketing all on the day it was expected. This included referal cards, appointment cards, consultation forms, posters of various sizes, A board posters and a banner for our balcony. It was all really easy to set up using our existing photo frames, A1 board, etc. To coincide with the Box arriving an email containing all of our promotional logos, videos, photos, headers were also received along with a day to day monthly guide as to what was to be done on which day. All in all, the process was so simple, and very effective with our logo added to a really good waiting room video. It was so great to have all the material provided ready for use in such a simple form. Within the first day we had multiple phone call and email queries about our offer.”

So there you have it – a complete turnkey marketing solution – and we are already busy working on January’s material – the theme will be smile design. Interested in finding out how Magic Box can help you?

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