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Mad week

It’s going to be a challenging week before we fly to Barcelona on Friday for the Practice Plan Club Weekend – and then on to Milan for a family week in the Italian lakes. You are all familiar with the phenomenon – the week before a holiday the “to do” list looks overwhelming. In our case the situation is exacerbated by a particular business opportunity that requires immediate and urgent attention. What I thought was going to a rather well-balanced wind-down has, instead, turned into a whistle-stop tour of the UK – in the next 4 days: • Falmouth • Manchester • Halifax • Birmingham • Christchurch • Wimbledon • Farnham • Reading • Bath • Bristol Looks like complete madness? Correct. The “tour” in question is a combination of pre-planned meetings with clients and a “drop everything” scenario that developed last Thursday. Add to that the existing schedule of meetings and emails and it will be a very exciting few days. This is one of those moments where the following are essential: • a superb business manager – check • a championship support team – check • an understanding partner – check • an extremely well-disciplined focus – check • good time management software – check • the ability to prioritise carefully – check • a cool head – check So – here goes – watch this space. What’s especially interesting is that I’ll be pushing the boat out on something that I think could change the face of UK dentistry. Then again – it’s changing anyway. In the last couple of weeks I have been in conversation with financiers and entrepreneurs who are bringing new business models into the business of UK dentistry: • PrivateVT schools • Franchise models • Venture capitalists • Nationally branded and marketed dentistry • Existing supply companies completely changing their direction And more than one set of individuals and companies involved. I sense huge change. New ways of doing things. For now – it’s head down and run for the finish line on Thursday night – and I hope I’ll get to enjoy a beer with some of you this coming weekend.

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