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Yes, that’s right, Lisbon – with a UK dental practice team of over 20. Cheers for Tim Thackrah and the crew at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, who have invited me yet again to join them on their annual overseas trip. I’ve known Tim over 10 years and we have become good friends. I’ve worked as his business coach through thick and thin. Tim’s attitude as owner and leader is that the team deserves a reward for their efforts that goes beyond a Christmas bash. So every year at this time they jet off to somewhere conveniently close in Europe and have a good time (with some CPD training on Saturday morning). This evening will be a casual dinner in the city, tomorrow afternoon and Sunday at leisure, Saturday night a bit of a posh dinner. A chance for the team to rest, have some fun, get to know each other better and, undoubtedly, create a few more memories. Record year? No way – it’s been twice the work for a decent result. But that doesn’t mean you reward good people less…you reward them more.

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