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Lifestyle choices when you are on campaign and chasing a target

My Facebook “friends” will know that today is day 8 of a 52-day detox.

I’m focusing on nutrition (Paleo – because I know how to do that and enjoy it), on sleep (having read Matthew Walker’s “Why we sleep” during the summer) and on exercise via the WattBike (whilst my Achilles tendinopathy prevents me from running).

It took me a long time (and a few false starts) to get going with this – but the arrival of September and “back to work” syndrome after the summer months was the catalyst.

The main motivating factor that has my head in this zone is that I’m currently starting my annual focus on coaching sales for 2020.

I’ve set myself TARGETS – and that’s what eventually persuaded me that I had to sort out my lifestyle to suit the CAMPAIGN.

Because if I’m going to pre-sell a year’s work in the 99 days we have left to Christmas – I have to have very high levels of personal CONFIDENCE.

That CONFIDENCE can be fuelled by a healthy lifestyle.

During the summer I developed low-self esteem around my physical appearance and my stamina.

Too many nights I stayed up later than advisable to watch television.

Too many evenings were accompanied by a few beers or a glass or two (or three) of red wine, leading to further regrets the morning after.

Too many meals were about eating too much of the wrong things.

Too many reasons for avoiding exercise.

As I’ve said before, my only PB this year was on the scales.

But now I have a CAMPAIGN and that has TARGETS and I need to demonstrate CONFIDENCE if I’m to expect the good people of dentistry to commit to a year of coaching with me.

Day 8 and I am feeling better already – without hitting the scales I can feel the difference, I’m enjoying my first “get to know” sessions on the WattBike and, although sleep is a challenge, given my schedule, I’m doing my best to get to bed earlier.

Here’s suggestion for you this morning.

Don’t make s start on a nutritional, exercise or sleep campaign.

Make a start on a business campaign.

Then decide on a lifestyle change to support that.

Use your business targets to light the spark to ignite your personal development.

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